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EBG Resistors

High Voltage Resistors to 60 kV/600W. Non-Inductive. Voltage Dividers and Networks. Low temperature (+/- 15ppm/C) and voltage coefficients, high stability, high temperature operation and very tight tolerance (+/- 0.1%).

Dean Technology Companies


High Voltage Rectifiers, MOV’s and Assemblies. High Voltage (3000KV) High Current (1000 A). Selenium Surge Suppressors. Silico Carbide Varistors, Transient Voltage Suppressors. HV (60kV) Ceramic Discs Capacitors.


High Voltage Power Supplies.20 150kV/1kW.DC-DC Convertors, Multipliers, Rectifier Assemblies (250kV), Lightning Arresters, Surge Suppressors, Digital HV Test Equipment. Custom impregnation and epoxy encapsulation.

HV Compnent Associates

High Voltage Diodes and Assemblies. Diodes (40kV/500mA), Voltage Multipliers (1000kV) and very High Voltage Assemblies (to 600kV), SMT Diodes to 5kV. Bridge Rectifiers and Power Diodes.

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